Never be late – Early-stage IPO access
Our team facilitates early-stage investment in a variety of Pre-IPO companies, offering access to retail and private investors globally.

Recent Trends

Currently there is a significant increase in interest in the Pre-IPO and IPO markets. Blackwood extensive experience in these fields, among others, has solidified its position in this sector and enables it to present the best opportunities for its clients.

What we can offer you

We offer Private and Retail investors access to investments which are specifically designed to allow them the same benefits institutional investors receive, when dealing with companies at VC or IPO stage.

Our Experience

Today, valuable companies are staying private far longer than before. As a result, when reaching IPO stage, there are fewer ways private investors can be part of the listing process, thus missing out of potential profits. Secondary Markets have changed the way investors can access these opportunities. Acorn’s accomplishments within this sector are grounded by data driven knowledge, experienced advisors and the desire to succeed.

Shifting IPO Philosophy
With technology companies staying private longer, new and greater investment opportunities have been created:

Access the benefits of trading on the Secondary Markets

Regardless of your experience, we have the right solution for you to start investing like the professionals. Speak to an Advisor today!