Just because successful companies can afford to delay their IPO,
that doesn’t mean that their employees and investors don’t have to.

Are You Tired of Missing Out?

Before entering the planned IPO stage of a business, companies will strategically mature and will also expand their workforce. This calculated period of incubation then allows for the majority of the company’s value to have already been generated prior to its actual listing, this in turn offers a reduced profit potential to investors. Our partnerships within both the Primary and the Secondary Markets mean we have access to exciting new businesses at the infancy stages of their venture capital cycle, allowing our clients to maximize their returns.

Blackwood Investment’s Global Network

Having almost half a century of experience dealing with the global markets, this has allowed us to forge long lasting relationships and be a part of some of the largest Venture Capital backed listings in history. Our clients are able to benefit directly from our network, which means that Blackwood is perfectly positioned to make sure that you secure your future financial stability.

Our Experience

Blackwood Investment takes pride in the fact that we have been involved in some of the most disruptive technology breakthroughs that both the Primary and Secondary Markets have seen in the last three decades. No matter whether it be a Merger and Acquisition, institutional placement, or both early and late-stage Venture Capital transactions, Blackwood’s global network has proven paramount in assisting a number of companies through their IPO and gone on to exceed investor’s expectations.

Helping Companies Grow
in the Private Markets
Historically it has been a challenge for companies to grow in the Private Market sector. Here at Blackwood we have assisted numerous multinational corporations develop strategic yet flexible liquidity programs that have allowed them to adapt to both company and employee needs over time, the entire foundation of value proposition.

Secondary as A Service

By investing as a principle, this allows Blackwood to act as a book runner with access to the company’s board of directors. We have assisted many companies with their secondary offerings. Secondary as a Service is a formal secondary offering, this is something that is structured internally between our team of experts and the company in question.

Legal Compliance

Blackwood Investment has built their name based not only on transparency but also client interaction. We pride ourselves on having an astute Legal Compliance department which enables us to address all of our client’s needs and concerns. All of our trusted Legal Compliance Officers have “Right of First Refusal”, which lies at their discretion.