Allow Blackwood’s Global Network
help you maneuver through a
Disorganized Market.
Blackwood utilizes its experience in offering and negotiating on private purchases of later stage Pre-IPO company shares and
Venture Capital opportunities specifically for both Institutional Investors and Fund Managers.

Recent Trends

In today’s world, it is a well-known fact that the majority of high profile technology companies are staying private for significantly longer than ever before. This trend provides a greater need for companies to secure additional funding for the varying cycles that they are often challenged with during their expansion. These funding cycles are an ideal way for Institutional Investors to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to this growing sector.

What we can offer you

Blackwood works hand in hand with both private companies and Institutional Investors, ensuring that both compliance and confidentiality are upheld throughout the life cycle of the transactional process.

Our Experience

Having been involved in a wide variety of institutional level, early and late-stage Venture Capital transactions along with various Merger and Acquisition transactions, Blackwood’s cross border network has proven essential for multiple companies and has led them to enter the IPO market and then blossom.

Benefits of investing in direct Venture Capital
transactions on the Secondary Market.

Short Term To Liquidity

Being closer to an IPO or an acquisition can mean an investment in a later stage company results in a reduced holding period.

IPO Access

Access to Initial Public Offerings is not always guaranteed. No matter if you’re an Institution or a High-Net-Worth individual, it will not always grant you entry. Blackwood is positioned intentionally to bridge this all too common gap.

Optimal Access

Secure a better entry point and maximize your profit potential. Don’t wait until the company has listed before becoming a part of the journey.

Disruptive Companies

Also referred to as Thematic Investing. We look to establish investment opportunities with companies that look to disrupt the norm, have solid management teams and significant potential to grow within their given sectors.