Calculated Partnerships
At Blackwood this is paramount and it enables us to give our clients access to Pre – IPO/IPO opportunities.
We are both deliberate and strategic when establishing our partnerships so to ensure that we always have access
to the most in demand Pre-IPO/IPO companies in the marketplace for our continually growing network of international investors.

Not sure where to begin?

Before entering the planned IPO stage of a business, companies will strategically mature and will also expand their workforce. This calculated period of incubation then allows for the majority of the company’s value to have already been generated prior to its actual listing, this in turn offers a reduced profit potential to investors. Our partnerships within both the Primary and the Secondary Markets mean we have access to exciting new businesses at infancy stages of their venture capital cycle, allowing our clients to maximize their returns.

Our Approach

No matter if you are a retail investor simply looking to experience the excitement and potential profits of getting involved in an initial public offering, or perhaps you’re a Venture Capital backed start-up in need of securing additional funding. Blackwood is perfectly positioned to both guide and advise you through the right path that you need to take to ensure that you achieve your future financial stability.

True Value

By utilizing the latest technology, this allows us to seek true value for our clients, we utilize the most efficient technology in order to establish a framework of advice, discipline and guidance, this then allows you a clearer understanding of which type of investment Is suitable for you. Blackwood’s independence affords us both the confidence and ability to work with the most innovative start-up companies in the disruptive technology environment which is also known as Thematic Investing. Therefore, should Blackwood fail to see any value in an opportunity, then it will never be presented to any of our clients.

Why should you choose Blackwood?

Access to Pre-IPO and IPO Placements

The forever excelling growth and power of alternative private financers have changed the entire dynamic of IPOs in recent time. An IPO has always been the ultimate goal for a company and the people behind it who would need to raise capital, then create a story to sell to the markets at which point investors around the globe would scramble to try and get involved with an oversubscribed listing often missing out on the opportunity. The reason for this is a well-known fact that historically, only institutional investors were granted access to Pre-IPO and IPO companies when exploring Venture Capital backed rounds of funding.

With the extensive network that has been amounted over decades of relationship building and a set of strong business ethics, Blackwood Investment has access to the Secondary Markets along with many Pre-IPO and IPO placements, this means that investors that were repeatedly refused for not having an “Accredited Investor” status or a Hedge Fund for example. The most advantageous time to invest is prior to a company’s IPO, especially when it comes to up and coming sectors like Technology, the FinTech sector or Thematic technology. These companies predominantly exceed both investors and the global markets expectations once they start trading on the assigned exchange.

Fundamental Research and Development and Macro Analysis

Here at Blackwood we pride ourselves on having a superb team of analysts that conduct extensive research and due diligence prior to any recommendation ever being introduced to a client, at which point it is then examined by our senior partners utilizing the global network of connections we have earned over the years from our participation in these types of financial opportunities.

What sets us aside from everyone else is that we use proprietary valuation procedures that are specifically designed for the Secondary Markets and utilize an array of both national and global macroeconomic and secular analysis. By doing this, we are able to provide our clients the advantages they need when accessing these types of investments.

Credentials are Everything

Our Advisors are experts with over 100 years of combined experience in all aspects of the markets, all having a proven track record involving thousands of complex IPOs and arranging Venture Capital transactions.

Having been established since 1972, has allowed us to be part of some of the largest rounds of funding for Pre-IPO and IPO placements for the better part of 50 years.