The traditional way of offering long term equity funding to young, fast growing companies is through Venture capital. Predominantly companies would need to secure funding in order to excel their business.
Financial support can come in the form of a loan or even equity capital.
Startup companies that are not yet listed on a stock exchange can obtain funds either from banks or by issuing shares to private investors. Venture capital companies will then inject funds into the company in exchange for a portion of its equity.

Is your funding about to expire? Are you in search of capital for a new venture? We specialize in bringing together both Institutional and Private Investors with industry leading companies that require venture capital, at all stages of their business cycle. With our involvement, we have bridged together financial partnerships resulting in over $2 billion of additional funding and have successfully helped bring a variety of top technology and thematic investment companies to the market.

No matter the reason, sometimes you just need to release your capital at a moments notice. At Blackwood Investment Limited, we understand that financial circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. Be it a medical emergency or a change of lifestyle, or simply a desire to secure that dream property you have always wanted, sometimes we have to realign our investment strategies in order to fulfill our life goals and aspirations. Whatever the reason, Blackwood’s Advisors are here to assist you and complete your instructions to the best of their abilities and within a timely, professional and efficient manner.

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