Blackwood Investment Research
Proprietary reports on the major secondary market companies.
Private Market Coverage by Some of the Best
Blackwood’s Investment professionals were among the first to commence private market coverage on some of the largest companies out there like Facebook, Twitter, Square, Alibaba and more.

Staying Relevant with the Markets

By releasing the Blackwood newsletter and “Company Watchlist” publicly, this allows our investors to be kept informed of any new and disruptive technology.

Focus and Dedication

Our team is specifically focused on researching private companies and informing on how the global macro landscape can affect them and how they can tailor their products in order to fit their client’s needs.

Well Respected

Blackwood prides itself on having built long lasting relationships with some of the largest Institutions out there from Hedge Funds and Venture Capital Groups all the way to Syndicate Banks. Our research and methodology is something that is respected and sought after by these Institutions.

Unfathomable Experience

Over 40 years of combined experience initiating and distributing research on the private sector.


Blackwood regularly conducts channel checks with not only suppliers but also customers and investors to get a holistic view of the company.

Top Down – Bottom Up

Blackwood utilizes fundamental bottom up, microeconomic as well as top down, macro-economic criteria. This means that we don’t just look at a company or a specific sector, we look at the bigger picture with regards to economic factors, fundamentals as well as supply and demand.

Access the benefits of trading on the Secondary Markets

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